Thursday, February 20, 2020


Aim:to find complex simple and complex sugars

Hypothesis: i think that most of the food is going to change but not all of them are

put iodine in a test tube and put the food in the test tube and then the food with the liquid

Potato: complex

Apple: complex

Bread: complex

Egg: simple


Second test:

Aim: Testing foods to see if there simple or complex

Equipment: water bath, test long tubes, benedicts solution, a sample of food

Method: place about 2ML of the sample into a test tube and then add 5 drops of benedicts solution.
heat with water bath until it changes colour


Milk: positive

Bread: positive

Egg: not positive

suga: Positive

potato: positive

apple: positive

3 test

Equipment: test tube, sodium hydroxide (NaOh), Copper sulfate (CusO), food sample

Method:place about 2mL of the sample into the test tube and 5 drops of sodium hydroxide (NaOh)
add 5 drops on copper sulfate shake the test tube gently from side to side

potato: neg
apple: neg
Milk: positive
bread: neg
suga: neg
egg: positive

No everythign turnt out how i thought it would but i guess thats life

Anyway welcome to my first 2020 blog of being a year 9

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

My christmas

Hey so this blog is just saying how my christmas basically goes

Monday, November 18, 2019


Hey guys so todays going to be just a book review of the book freak the mighty also this is going to be the last blogpost so if you are intrested go read the book it will make alot more scence than i would writting this.

So overall my rate on this book would have to be a 8/10 the reason i give this book an 8 is because it has a basic plot line and theres not really that much energy flowing through it. another reason i give this book an 8 is because ive read and seen so many of the same plot line and these type of books arent really my style so i didnt really think much of this book but if this is your type of book go down somewhere and read it if you like the plot line that includes - bullying two people becoming friends and those same people trying to stick up for who they are - then i highly recomend this book to you! (:

Authors full name :
Rodman Philbrick

Title of the book:
Freak The Mighty

Fact about the author: Rodman Philbrick is 68 years old was born in 1951 and dosent look his age

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

freak the mighty UPDATE!!!!!

Hey bloggers so todays blog is an update about what has been happening in the story freak the mighty so lets just get on to it!!  (I think i got my chapters mixed up )

So in the chapters 4, 5 and 6 we have been introduced to the character Freak. He is the type of braint character with a weird but clever imagination. This kid has created his own dictonary with words in his own meaning like herstory which means the story of a womens point of view. At first max thinks Freak is weird but soon began to make friends with freak.

Then with chapters 7, 8 and 9 where really no different freak and max got closer and started discusing about how they are going to stick up for there self. they went investagateing for something and sone discovered a drain that smelt like something died in a storm and went into the drain. Even i dont know whats going on at this point but so far the books been really cool.

Chapters 10, 11 and 12 where intresting like really interesting at this point i dont really have the idea of the text but i still really like the story and I want to make sure I don't spoil to much of the story so you guys can read it as well.

The last chapters 13, 14 and 15 so these chapters had a weird but interesting so as I was reading I kept on seeing weird words that freak has been using ( see some wordds he made in my other blogpost!) SO these chapters where really just building into the story and the story has gotten to a more basic plot line two boys and outcasts they become friends. they soon become more out there. so lets just see how this story ends.

Thanks for reading make sure to read this book on your own time so i dont spoil anything for you bye bye~!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Freaks Dictionary " freak the mighty "

Boats: giant shoes
Butthead: someone who has a big enough nose to sneeze a hotdog out of it
Excalibur: a sword that has some type of magical powers
Hammer head: Someone who knows it all
Herstory: The past from a womens point of view
Gram: Some sweet lady that is lighted up
Idea: A plant seed that has magicaly poped in your brain.
Libary: A place where people keep books of truth

I always go to a libary to get more books of truth because I need to get more smarter

I have a seed that just poped in my head can I please share!!

I know a sweet lady of light her names Gram!

A herstory is like a history but its from a girls point of view that I like to read in my spear time

What I call people who are " Know it alls " is a hammer head because they just are!

I like excaliburs because the swords are always different in there own way

Some peoples noses are big enough to sneeze out a hot dog so I like to call them butt heads ;-;

Max has giant feet so I created boats to fir his feet.

Thanks for reading my work I hope you enjoyed!!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Pe Hurumanu

Hey bloggers so its been quite a long time since i did a blogpost about PE so what im talking to you about today is how I went with teaching volley ball. So my group at first weren't really taking part but they soon started realizing that we needed to get this done.           

So our group stood up and begain to start explaning how to play volleyball we did a few demonstrations for the warm ups. over all my group was succesful and so was I because my group actually got on with teaching the lesson and not focusing on just talking. I was actually quite happy with how well my group worked to get our volleyball lesson over and done with.

My role in the group so to basically help people and sort out the groups if one team didn't have enough. I contributed to the group by doing what they asked when they thought it was going to take a lot longer then plan. I also helped contributed by just helping out people in the long term.

Something I would do different next time would be alot more organized and be prepared to help other people out instead of finding out as soon as we were doing the demonstration.

Two things I have learnt about my sport was that its not as easy as it looks but it was still very fun. The other thing i learnt was that people were actually alot better at volleyball that i imagned. Over all this experience was really fun and I would do it again but just teach another sport

Make sure to give me some feedback about what sport you would like to teach to a class! thanks for watching Bye!!

DMIC maths

Hey so on tuesday my class was doing an activity called DMIC maths this is normal maths apart from the fact that you do it in groups im in a group with Shelby, Tasharn, Tj, Alex and Jrae and we had to post what we did on tuesday.

Ariana earnt $10 on the first day of two weeks and every other day after that she earnt $2 more so if we add all this up and put did how much days are in two weeks which is 14 so 14 days and $12 for 13 of those days so if we go 12 x 14 we would get 168 and we need to take away 2 for one of those days so we would get 106 so if ariana worked for two weeks her total at the end would be $166.

Matiu worked the same amount of time but he got $1 on the first day but every day after that the money doubled so we would the go 14 x 2 for all the doubles and then that would = 28 we take away one for the first day and get 27 so in the long run Matiu would get $27 by the end of two weeks.

Who would you rather be?? if you just say that question Matiu got $1 on the first day but then it doubled every other day. Ariana will get $10 on the first day then two more after that.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost make sure to give me feedback and give me your opinion on who you would be.