Friday, September 18, 2020

Drama Character design !

 SO during Drama we have been making characters to fit the role of a melo drama role

My character is named:

Alexander coreith

Hes 17 and an outcast sounds pretty basic but thats okay because its melo drama and its stero tipic type of character. His gender is a male but hes pretty thin and scrawny to be one.

The relationships he has are almost no one but hes pretty close to his friends family and often stays with them there, He has a few skills like for excample he is very quiet with the way he moves because of his scrawny body figure. Another thing is that he can fool or lie and make people believe of what hes saying.

His intreste are odd he likes crafting and rats out of all things but hes quite use to the way his life looks. something he dosen't know is that he ends up to be an accidental hero and people would expect more from him even tho what he did was an accident.

So far this is my character and I am happy with him I still have more to write about this character but i'll work on it more in the future

Thursday, September 17, 2020

B + E = Business and enterprize

 So what B + E is basically we are making a product advertising it and seeing if people would see intrest in it and buy the product.

My product is called Eloquent Surprises and basically what we are selling is a box you can choose either medium or small and get earings and a necklace. If you choose the medium you get lollies. There's also a twist in one of the boxes. There's a kind of ticket that you can get a pack of lollies from! It's kind of like a golden ticket.

So far our business has been going good and my team has been doing well in their roles. We have been getting a good start and im looking forward to market day. I hope we do well in the long term. I have my doubts and my hopes but aslong as we get the job done we'll be fine.

My opinion overall is that it's been fun drawing and advertising and making stuff to go with this now I just hope we get through the day.

Thank you for reading!! 

No 1 Cardboard Box 250 x 205 x 150mm Bundle of 25 - Core Blimey Ltd

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


DEfinition: Stored in an object. the ability to move something.

Different kinds of energy

light energy: The energy of the elertromagnetic waves. found in zrays sun and visable light

Heat energy: Caused by the movment

sound energy: energy produced by vibrating objects

Chemical potential energy: Energy stored between bonds and between particals

Electrical energy: The movement of eletrically charge particles found in wires.

Kenetic energy: Energy stored in objects like rubber bands

Friday, September 4, 2020

Hannah Hoch

 Hannah Hoch

Was a german dada artist in the 1978

Some of her art works were odd but understanding, some of her art works were like a mixed photo of separate photos. such as vvv

Her photos give inspiration for artist that like to think about the unnatural.

Her full name was anna there's johane hoch

She was born on November 1, 1889.

She was born in Gotha, Germany.

Although she attended school, Höch was taken out of the Höhere Töchterschule in Gotha to care for her younger sibling, Marianne in 1904.

In 1912 she began classes at the School of Applied Arts in Berlin under the guidance of glass designer Harold Bergen. Instead of fine arts, she chose the curriculum in glass design and graphic arts, rather than fine arts, to please her father.

So far from this art hurumanu it has been pretty good.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sience Introduction

The Topics we will be studying in science are:
1 energy types
2energy transformation
6the eye
7reflection and refraction of light

All experiments will use this scientific method. the heading that are used for this will be:


Friday, August 21, 2020


The Melodramatic Acting Style 
Remember in Victorian Melodrama, all emotion is externalised.
There is no such thing as inner psychological depth! 
Generally this means “Over the Topin every way. Here are some
techniques which help create this affect. 
Slower, clearer delivery of lines with huge projection. Remember Victorian
Theatres were huge and there were no microphones. 
Play everything to the audience, even if you are supposed to be talking to
another character on stage! Indicate whom you are talking to by looking sideways
at them and holding your hand out towards
Address the audience directly whenever the script will allow you to do so. 
The Pose: Invent poses of shock, horror, love, evil, intent, cruelty, desire,
dilemma, forgiveness, begging forgiveness etc. A pose should last at least
three seconds and should be clearly visible from fifty metres. 
The working yourself up to the pose: lasts two to three seconds
-let's see you getting there! 
The Gasp - very loud expressing a range of emotions. Often accompanied by a pose. 
The Swoon - often preceded by lines such as "Alas! I can hardly bear it." The swoon should be graceful and provision should be made for someone to catch you.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Black death!

 Fleas and rats spread the black death.

Firstly the rat had the plague in their blood cells so when the flea caught on to the rats and sucked the plague out of them then they would jump onto humans and when they drink there blood they would vomit a little bit of the black death into there blood cells. This shows how easily the black death could spread throughout europe, other ways they could spread it was through trading ships and when the bodies died people would go collect them then those people would catch the black death. Once humans caught the plague they showed a series of symptoms.